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Monster Ball Tour Experience


Masterclass Ian McKenzie & Mike Silas

Barcelona Dance Report (page 3/3)

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Masterclass Mike Silas y Ian McKenzie Question from the audience: 'How did you feel about the concert yesterday (in Barcelona)?'

Ian: 'It was super energetic, people screaming a lot. It was amazing!'

Mike: 'We've been doing this show for a long time now so when we come to new places and when the audience is so loud and everybody's hugging all this energy comes back to us and it helps us to perform a lot better. Barcelona is one of my top favourite cities on the tour. Also, we notice that her gay fans came massively to this concert and made a crazy atmosphere which was fantastic.'

Monster ball Tour 2010 NDLR: The tour was divided into 5 parts. In each part Lady Gaga appeared in a new dress followed by an interlude video. We enjoyed the concert in all its aspects: We appreciated the abilities of Gaga to sing; The dance choreographies and the great dancers' performance; and also, the very strong and positive energy of the show. This tour is comparable with tours of established artists such as Madonna.

Barcelona Dance: 'Who are the tour choreographers?'

Mike: 'Laurieann Gibson (Choreographic Director) and Richard Jackson (Choreographer). Laurieann has choreographed some of the biggest people in the world for MTV. Being a woman, she had to fight more to get her name down and she's well respected now and she's been doing that for a very long time. She is the creator of the 'Boom kack' move.

Barcelona Dance: How much time did it take you to assimilate all the tour's choreography?''

Mike: 'It comes in different phases. We already knew some of the choreography which were adapted or modified for the videos, TV shows, and for the new tours. But the general tour rehearsal lasted two weeks. It's the homogeneity of what we do that makes it so special. When you train to do something so much it becomes too mechanical but you have to really use your gift and use your mind and just challenge yourself to the best of your ability and that's the beauty of what we do.'

Ian MacKenzie Ian: 'Actually, our first rehearsal lasted only 4 days during which we had to learn the choreography of the video 'Poker Face' and 25 minutes of the show for the tour.'

Question from the audience: 'Where do you usually rehearse?'

Ian: 'We normally train in a studio in L.A., but we learnt the choreography of 'Telephone' and of 'Alejandro' on the road while we were touring.'

Barcelona Dance: 'How long have you been doing the Monster Ball Tour?'

Mike: 'Officially, we've been doing it for a year and 2 weeks, starting in Canada.'

Barcelona Dance: 'How many tours have you done with Lady Gaga?'

Ian: 'We did the 'New Kids on the Block', 'Pussycat Dolls', 'The Fame Ball', 'Theatre Monster Ball', and 'Arena' tours.

Michael Silas Question from the audience: ' ¿Cuáles son los pros y los contras de bailar con una celebridad como Lady Gaga?'

Mike: 'For each tour, they have to change the choreography to adapt to the new stage and the great thing about it, working with such a short time, is that it makes you always stay on your toes and keeps you sharp.'

Barcelona Dance: 'We were very touched by the messages Lady Gaga transmitted during her concert: messages of self-confidence, unity, and love. That's what made this concert such an experience.'

Mike: 'When you see Lady Gaga, you see one thing but when you listen to her when she speaks, you can understand really who she is and when she talks during her interviews and to her fans it comes from her heart. It's not put on for the camera or for the media it comes from the most genuine place ever.'

Estudiante: ' What are your relationships with Lady Gaga like?'

Mike: 'We've been on tour for two and a half years now and I've been dancing professionally for about 8 years. There are some artists that you will see until the rehearsal and some artists will be your friend and develop a relationship, because when you are on tour you become a family. Since we started with her (with Ian & Asiel) so early, she's like our little big sister. I'm so inspired by her! I look up to her in so many ways and just the fact that she allowed us to come into her life is enough...'

Barcelona Dance: 'Thank you so much, guys, for sharing these great moments with us and for this warm and unique experience of being with you all! Also, thank you, Gaga, for trusting Barcelona Dance for your rehearsal and all for radiating such a positive vibe over the people in general and on the dance scene! Barcelona is your home, we are looking forward to your coming back soon!'

Special Thanks to: Pepita from The CIED, Wendy Lady 'Lock', Vitoria Díaz, Verónica Taranilla and to Daniel Ospina for their great work and for being part of our Team!

Masterclass with Ian McKenzie & Michael Silas
Mike Silas and Ian MacKenzie

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