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Kobi Rosenfeld


Barcelona Dance Festival 2011

Barcelona Dance Workshops

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We took the opportunity of the Barcelona Dance Festival to celebrate our fourth edition with a special guest: Kobi Rosenfeld from Los Angeles. Kobi Rozenfeld choreographed for artists such as Beyonce, Macy Gray and Natasha Bedingfield. Kobi also performed as a dancer for Britney Spears. Barcelona Dance organised an explosive workshop with him on Sunday 2nd of october and also had the pleasure to welcome him to our Fiesta Unity, the BDF'11's closing party at the Shôko (Barcelona).

Kobi Rosenfeld Barcelona Dance: 'How did you start dancing?'

Kobi: 'I started dancing at the age of 12 (17 years ago) when my parents sent me to the city folk dance center. My parents just thought that it would be a great way to make new friends and also to travel worldwide since the folk dance company used to travel every summer to a different international folk festival.'

Barcelona Dance: 'What inspires you as a choreographer?'

Kobi: 'The things that inspire me... First of all.. Some of my first teachers in life inspired me to keep dancing and even yo start teaching .. I am getting inspiration from my dreams sometimes, from reading a book, watching other shows, music videos, real stories from life, like I just choreographed a duet inspired by my Aunt that passed away from cancer a year ago...'

Barcelona Dance: 'How did you get involved to choreograph the 'I Am Tour 2010' of Beyonce? What was your experienve working with her?'

Kobi: 'The Beyonce story stated when my agent sent me an email about the submission's opportunity. Each choreographer had to choose a song from the last album and prepare a presentation involving someone that would play Beyonce surrounded by back up dancers. We had to film it, edit it and send it on dvd. My agent called me the day after and said that the director really liked my video and that it was gonna be one of the selected videos that was gonna be shown personally to Beyonce. A few days after my agent called again and said that Beyonce really loved it and that we made it to the final stage: Performing the presentation live in front of her. Only 10 choreographers from the whole country made it to this stage.'

Kobi Rosenfeld Barcelona Dance: 'what are your best experiences as a dancer and as choreographer?'

Kobi: 'My best experience as a choreographer would be going to the general rehearsal for the Beyonce "I am" tour, it was just unbelievable to see this Lady in action, seating with the whole production and her Mom and husband seating next to me.

Also, one of my best experience was choreographing last May for the "LifeBall" in vienna for Natasha Bediengfield- That was such an even, I had never seen anything so big and beautiful before. As a dancer I think the best moment was rehearsing with Britney Spears for 3 months , it was a special project to bring her back in shape like 3 years ago, working on one of the songs as a presentation for her management. She is really one of the artists that inspired me as a teenager, watching her music videos and her concert, to start dancing this style.. so being with her rehearsing in a studio was really a dream come true .'

Barcelona Dance: 'What advice would you give to the dancers that are starting now?'

Kobi: 'My advice for dancers is to first off all, not be afraid of taking chances. When you take big chances thats when you win big time. Work hard with all your passion , follow your dreams , even when they seem to you too crazy and too big.. Just believe in yourself, that’s the most important thing, and not less important, to be a good person to the others, that will help you a lot, cause whats goes around comes back around :-)'

Thank you Kobi for coming. See you soon!
Barcelona Dance

Kobi's Private Show in L.A.
Kobi's Reel Video'

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