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World Dance Championship Italy 2011

Datos del evento:

Tipo de evento: Campeonato
Entidad promotora: manfrin ranieri
Título del evento: World Dance Championship Italy 2011
Dirección: Manfrin Ranieri
Localidad: Rosignano solvay
País: Italy
Teléfono del organizador: 3483063496
Web: www.rosignanoindanza.it/campionatodelmondo
Correo electrónico: sabordecubadanza@hotmail.it
Fecha de inicio: 25-05-2011
Fecha de finalización: 31-05-2011
Fecha de límite de inscripción: 05-06-2011
Tipos de baile:

- Danza Ballet
- Danza Jazz
- Danza Contemporanea
- Danza Salsa
- Danza Bollywood / Hindú
- Danza Hip Hop (Breakdance/StreetDance/Funky)
- Danza House dance
- Danza Commercial Dance
- Danza Swing/Rock
- Danza & Interpretación

Descripción del evento:




Welcome Italy 2011

Italy will be the setting that in 2011 is going to give hospitality to the World Championship of Sport Modern Dance.
Hundreds of professionals dancers are coming from 25 Countries, from all the Continents to offer us their performance during the most prestigious International Dance Competition.
The appointment with the 9th Edition of the World Championship, organised by the International Dance Federation and by the Dance School "SABOR DE CUBA" is going to take place in Tuscany, Castiglioncello (Livorno) from 25 to 29 May 2011.

On the stage, equipped in the wonderful pine wood that surrounds the Castello Pasquini, in four days 1.800 dancers will compete performing in 10 different disciplines: dance, shows...(AGGIUNGI LA LISTA)

The young promising dancers exibitions will take turns with those of many guests and champions of world-wide renown.
Among all the stars we have chosen one of the most important: Simona Atzori.
She will be the sponsor of the World Championship of sport modern dance 9th Edition and she will open the competitions.

The italian Edition of 2011 of the World Championship of Sport and Modern dance will be an unique event that is going to offer to all the dance fans thousands of new emotions.
The music, the rythm and the competitors of the sport dance will alternate on the stage with the classic and the contemporary dance and with jazz.

At the end of the World Championship, on May 30 and 31 2011 with joy we announce the birth of the 1st Edition of the Dance World Championship but not only this!
During the same days, in the wonderful frame of the Casetllo Pasquini, the International dance Federation and the Dance School Sabor de Cuba have created also the DANCE FESTIVAL for disabled people, an entire show dedicated to them.
It will be the opportunity to partecipate to the performance of more than 500 dancers and more than 100 disabled people that wouldn't renounce to their passion for the dance.

This important Dance Competition come back to Italy after four yeas of absence; first the Croatia, followed by Spain ang Hungary gave hospitality to the last three Editions of the World Championship recording, in each edition a constant growth of the Countries, athletes and fans of dance.

In the 8th World Championship that took place in May 2010 in Nagykanizsa, in Hungary, the organisators of the event registered more than 5000 participants, the dancers who partecipated to the performances excepted.
All this shows that the World Championship of modern dance is, day by day, an huge Sport event able to attract a big numbers of audience and a great number of spectators.
For this,it has been created also the 1st World Dance Championship for dancers who will perform in classic, jazz and Contemporary dances and for disabled people.

With these happenings scheduled for the last days, the organisators expect a rise in audience and participation of 30%.

Among the Countries that will take place to the event:
Armenia, Belgium, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, France, Georgia, Jordan, Greece, India, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Moldova, Nigeria, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Tunisia, Ukraine and Hungary.

For the first time, during this 9th Edition, will be participate athlets coming from Brasil, Cuba,Scozia and Ireland,
Brazil, Cuba and Scotland, Israel, Republic of China. We look forward to intervene even know if the dancers, Canada, Ghana, Egypt, Pakistan, Japan.

During the exibitions that will take place simultaneously on two stages prepared and equipped inside two theatres, some locals craftsmen and some sponsors of the 9th World Champioship of Sport Modern Dance, can prepare in some spaces in the pinewood of Castello Pasquini and in the vicinity of the dance floors, stands with different products to offer to an italian and foreign pubblic.

Otras actividades e información adicional:

International Dance Federation

Further to the noticed success, both for participants and public, during last Championships in Nagykanizsa-Hungary (2010) and Barcelona-Spain (2009), the 2011 Worldwide Championship of International dance Federation will take place from 26th to 31st May at the Pasquini Castle in Castiglioncello.

The first four days will concern the Sport Dance, at its 9th Worldwide Championship, then it will follow an entire day dedicated to the first Dance Worldwide Championship and finally this Dance Celebration will be closed by the First international Championship for Disabled Person; a big engagement that the I.D.F. Executive Council allocated to the affiliated Italian Federation Danza in Federazione.

The Worldwide Championship came back to Italy and this happens thanks to the availability of the city council of Rosignano Marittima and mainly of its Mayor Mr. Alessandro Franchi , that I’d like to thank since he believed in this relevant event which will bring to Italy many foreign dancers, as first. Such appointment will start very soon in order to take care of all aspects very carefully, starting from the guests’ hospitality which will arrive in Italy with all means of transport (car,bus,train, ship, plane).
Records are clear. On those days, in Castiglioncello and neighboring towns, thousands persons as dancers, team crews and representatives, more than twenty Nation will have to find an accommodation in all Hotel categories, Camping, Hostel, ecc…
So a big work both for the International Dance Federation and the city council, Danza in Federazione and Dance School Sabor de Cuba, local delegated of the Organization.

Some anticipation can be done, even if we are far from the event.
On the 25th the opening ceremony will take place. The presentation will be public, all athletes will parade on the street’s way with their flags and they will reach a specific place where a stage will be prepared. On the stage there will be : all the local and territorial authorities and all representatives of all the associations which believed in this Event.
Patroness of this Worldwide Championship Ms. Simona Atzori will be present, together with other Dance guests and from other field.
On stage the Mayor of Rosignano will pass the baton the Mayor of London, holder of the 2012 Worldwide Championship.

Pasquini Castle will makeover, there will be another stage (because of the high number of performing choreographies two stage will function at the same time for all four days).
Many tensioned structure will be organized as : warm-up exercise and changing room, or as show of the local merchants which will be able to expose their handmade articles to the peer eyes of foreign persons; furthermore a space in which Dance Course of all disciplines or other cultural exhibition will be permanently done.
Many congress will be done in the conference hall, dealing with specific themes finalized to the dancer activity.

Said that, there is nothing more to add, except good luck to everyone for the good realization of this extraordinary event.
Franco Ventura
International Dance Federation President

Italy - Bologna, 16 July 2010


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