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House Dance International 2008

Datos del evento:

Tipo de evento: Campeonato
Entidad promotora: House Dance International
Título del evento: House Dance International 2008
Dirección: ver web
Localidad: New York - EEUU
Web: www.housedancenyc.com
Fecha de inicio: 10-07-2008
Fecha de finalización: 12-07-2008
Fecha de límite de inscripción: 00-00-0000
Tipos de baile:

- Danza House dance

Descripción del evento:

House Dance International 2008 - Competion 10-12 Julio 2008

House Dance International features the world’s most comprehensive and authentic competitions dedicated to house dance culture. Categories include:
HostJudgesDJs House Dance (1x1): Developed in the clubs of Chicago and New York, House Dance consists of the primary elements of jacking, footwork and lofting.
New York 2008Vogue (1x1): Widely recognized as one of the most breathtaking art forms in urban dance, Vogue explores the old way, new way, vogue femme and dramatics.
Competition TicketsExperimental (1x1): Pure individuality and spontaneous expression are the key to interpreting Nu Jazz, Broken Beat, Drum n Bass and Afro Fusion.
CorporateHustle (2x2): House music culture’s time-honored partner dance that consists of the romantic interchange between two free and elegant souls.
Volunteers Waacking (1x1): A fierce upright style, Waacking is an electrifying art form of complex arm and hand movements that project sensuality and strength.

Otras actividades e información adicional:

House Dance International (HDI) is the first Urban Dance Festival dedicated exclusively to the art form of House Dance. The New York based event features face-to-face dance competitions in the categories of House, Vogue, Experimental, Hustle, and Waacking, as well as choreography exhibitions, group showcases, workshops, film screenings, open practice sessions, discussion panels and parties.

The art form of House Dance continues to proliferate worldwide. HDI represents a New York-based mission to bring together the various inviduals and organizations that have played a role in the creation and development of the art form. Each summer, the international house dance community will meet in New York City to exchange information,

compete, reflect on the art form and properly honor the roots of House Dance Culture.

Over the course of three days, HDI invites you to partake in the second annual event in July 2008: whether you are a dancer, choreographer, DJ, house enthusiast or spectator, your participation is welcome at all levels. HDI is a call for House Dancers to unite: to celebrate the art form, recognize its cultural impact, appreciate its history, and help navigate its future . . .

Otras actividades e información adicional:

HostJudgesDJs $40 entry fee per category

Contestants may enter more than one category.

Competition registration includes admission to the preliminary rounds on Friday, July 11 ($30 value).

Contestants gain free admission to final rounds on Saturday, July 12 if they qualify to advance.

$1000 prize in each category. Prize money is payable by check from House Dance International LLC.

Contestants may not select or request their own music.

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